Okanagan Life Private Boat Charters Add Ons!

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Okanagan Life Private Boat Charters offers luxury boat tours complete with a captain to drive the boat. A captained boat rental is the perfect way to spend the day boating on Okanagan Lake with family and friends!

You do not need a large group to rent the entire boat for your own personal captained experience! Cruises are available for large groups of up to 10 persons, or groups of 4 guests, or even couples. Something for everyone! 

  • Stay at The Outback and save 10% on your boat tour
  • 2 or 3 hour charters, Wine Tour Boat Charter, and Full Day Okanagan Beach Club Charter
  • Contact Okanagan Life Private Boat Charters direct for tour bookings & rates www.okanaganboatcharters.com